Scala (18): Tail Recursive

Tail recursive is one kind of recursive, which will call itself at the end of the function. Scala compiler will do some optimization on tail recursive in order to avoid stack overflow on recursive.

Here we use an example to implement foldLeft by tail recursive method.

val file = List("warn 2013 msg", "warn 2012 msg", "error 2013 msg", "warn 2013 msg")

def wordcount(str: String): Int = str.split(" ").count("msg" == _)

def foldLeft(list: List[Int])(init: Int)(f: (Int, Int) => Int): Int = {
  list match {
    case List() => init
    case head :: tail => foldLeft(tail)(f(init, head))(f)

val num = foldLeft( + _)

println(num) //output: 4

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