What is Typesafe Reactive Platform

I use Play Framework to build web application. I also use Akka and Spark in my projects. Currently, my programming language is Scala, even though in the past, I used C/C++, Python, and etc. But I’m still not really understand what is Typesafe Reactive Platform. In this post, I want to reveal its truth.

What is the Problem?

Every solution should try to solve one problem. So what is the problem which Typesafe Reactive Platform wants to deal with?

In the past, a large application had tens or so servers, seconds of response time, hours of offline maintenance and gigabytes of data. Old solutions emphasized on managing servers and containers. Scaling was achieved through buying more larger servers and concurrent processing via multi-threading.

But today applications are deployed on cloud-based clustering running thousands of multicore processors, dealing with thousand requests and handling petabytes. So old traditional scaling method is not suitable for new updated requirements.

What is Reactive Platform?

Because old solution is not good enough, we introduce a new solution, named Reactive Platform. This platform allows developers to build systems which are responsive resilient, elastic, and message-driven in order to deliver highly responsive user experiences with a real-time feel, backed by a elastic and resilient application stack, ready to be deployed on multicore and cloud computing architectures.

So Typesafe Reactive Platform is this kind of platform, which contains Play Framework, Akka, Scala, Activator and Spark. It is powerful tool to build modern applications that react to events, react to load, react to failure, and react to users.

If you want to know more detailed info, please go to read its document carefully. https://typesafe.com/platform


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